Datorväska, ryggsäck, damväska

"We aim to create a balanced mix between city and motion, function and aesthetics - in a transparent and sustainable way"


Stockholm based Bukvy was founded on a dream in 2015. Childhood friends Joanna Bark and Elena Ekström had long dreamed of the ultimate bag. A bag that could take many forms and do many jobs. A bag that could evolve just as life does.

They wanted to create a bag that would fit into their own busy lives. Two friends, juggling various day jobs, relationships, and nights out. With too many things to do, and places to be in a day and too many things to carry around. Two friends with dozens of bags, backpacks, purses, totes, clutches and wallets between them, to fit all the things they needed every day. Laptops, sketch books, wallets, lunch boxes, gym clothes, keys, books, snacks, glasses, mobiles.

It took hours of construction, discussion, craftmanship, and testing to get to the end result, the Bukvy bag. Today Bukvy offers a a small, carefully curated collection of bags, made to simplify and organize the daily lives of urban women through a combination of function and timeless aesthetics.

Sustainable & ethical fashion

All Bukvy items are produced in our carefully selected studio in Portugal where people work under good circumstances. We only use European sourced leathers which means that the animals have lived and been handled after EUs standards. No dangerous chemicals has been used and the process is carefully supervised and controlled.

For women - by women

Bukvy is founded, owned and led by women. It is a brand created for women by women. By owning 100% if the brand and our processes we’ll never need to compromise with our core values: not to sacrifice people nor environment for profit. We believe that important things take time and we do not prioritize financial profit over all. If you have any questions you are always more than welcome to contact us founders directly through mail or social media. We love hearing from you!  

Väskor för och av kvinnor

Thank you for believing in us!


Elena Ekström & Joanna Bark